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    This 5 page paper considers a local issue from the Australian press and show how, using a PR model, a plan to manage the situation and limit the damage can be created. The bibliography cites 3 sources. The issue chosen is the development of the Churchlands campus of Edith Cowan University into residential units in a way that is opposed by the local residents.

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    owned by the university is due to be developed in those. The main issue is not the redevelopment of the site, but the type of redevelopment that is taking place  and the way it is occurring. There is disappointment in the local community that they are loosing the educational establishment form their area, but the main problem is the way  the development has been changed. The plans were initially for 250 dwellings (Wilson-Clark, 2004). These would have allow for low density homes to  be built and the consultation regarding these homes was entered to in good faith by many of the local residents. However, the plans have been changed. So that some of  the are will be high density housing with 350 homes being built and little or no notice having been taken of the local residents (Wilson-Clark, 2004).  The issue is not only the homes being built by the way that the residents are feeling powerless over development in their own environment and  feeling mislead by the university and LandCorp who under took the community consultation (Wilson-Clark, 2004). There is currently animosity between the university and  the local community, which may result in difficulties when it comes to development. This may increase negative publicity and reduce the desirability of the homes and also the price that  can be gained. This could also reflect negatively on the university and the demand for places. Step 2 To rectify this position the goals need to be  determined. There needs to be a reduction in animosity. However this is difficult to measure and alone cannot be a goal. Therefore, it may be worth setting the goal of 

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