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    A Randomized Comparison of Cellulose Acetate Dialyzers and Polysulfone Membrane Dialyzers: Assessing Variations in Mortality Rates for Dialysis Patients: A Research Proposal

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    This 6 page paper provides an overview of a research proposal that provides comparison of cellulose acetate dialyzers and polysulfone membrane dialyzers and mortality rates in dialysis patients. This paper introduces the problem, outlines the significant of the study, asserts a research hypothesis, and provides a review of the current literature that considers this issue. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

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    cellulose acetate dialyzers, especially in patients with acute renal failure who require frequent dialysis. In 1994, for example, a study suggested that older cellulose acetate dialyzers were responsible for  illness and even death in a number of cases at one health care facility. Further, research also suggests that greater successes can be achieved through the use of polysulfone  membrane dialyzers. This study is designed to relate a randomized comparative assessment of outcomes relative to mortality rates when comparing the use of cellulose acetate dialyzers with polysulfone  membrane dialyzers for patients who have suffered from acute renal failure (ARF). Though the current literature relates a number of different perspectives regarding the use of both of these  types of dialyzers, there is a greater body of evidence that suggests improvements in terms of quality of life, wellness longevity and mortality rates when integrating the use of a  polysulfone membrane dialyzer instead of the more common cellulose acetate membrane dialyzer. Statement of the Problem One of the most problematic issues related to addressing  the needs of populations with acute renal failure (ACF) is the health problems that extend from the use of dialysis. Especially in patients with ACF, who have demonstrated a  long-term need for dialysis, the causative factors that define emerging health problems and increased mortality generally relate to the use of specific types of dialyzers. In recent years, a  number of studies suggest that problems have extended from the common use of cellulose acetate membrane dialyzers, and this may be the primary factor in determining an increase in mortality  rates among populations of these patients. The development of a research study that compares the use of the cellulose acetate dialyzers in comparison with the less common use 

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