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    A Research Project To Determine The Best Way Of Increasing Customer Loyalty At Scandinavian Airways Systems (SAS)

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    This 79 page paper is a dissertation style paper undertaking research to look at how the Scandinavian airline SAS can improve customer loyalty and the potential of using customer relationship management (CRM) to achieve increased loyalty. The paper looks at the development of the company, how they compete and the current loyalty system that is in place followed by an in-depth literature review concerning customer loyalty and CRM. A methodology is offered and simulated primary research results are presented before a conclusion is reached that recommends the adoption of a CRM system. The bibliography cites 54 sources.

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    2.1.1 Background and History of SAS 6 2.1.2 SAS Today 21 2.1.3 The SAS Loyalty Scheme 24 2.2 How SAS Compete 30 2.2.1 Theoretical Strategies 31 2.2.2 The Competitive Strategies of SAS 36 2.3 Customer Loyalty 40 2.3.1 Defining Loyalty 42 2.3.2 Creating Satisfaction and Value 44  2.3.3 Transforming Satisfaction into Loyalty 46 2.3.4 Loyalty Schemes in the Consumer Markets 49 2.3.5 Consumer Behaviour and Loyalty Schemes 52 2.4 Customer Relationship Management 57 2.4.1 Defining CRM 58 2.4.2 Motivations to Use CRM 59 2.4.3 CRM Choices 62 2.4.4 Core Purpose 68 3. Methodology 69 4. Research  Findings 74 5. Discussion and Recommendations 77 References 80 Table of Figures Figure 1 Qualification for Silver and Gold Status in the EuroBonus Program. 25 Figure 2 EuroBonus Points That Can Be Earned from  Partners. 28 Figure 3 Competitive Strategies 34 Figure 4; Internal ands External Internet Sampling 74 1. Introduction The airline industry  has faced a number of challenges over the last few years; deregulation has increased the level of competition faced by many existing airlines as more airlines seek to compete over  the same routes. At the same time as the increased competitive forces there have been economic pressures, such as increasing oil prices, which are pushing airlines to fill the seats  on their flights in order to cover increasing fixed costs. In a harsh operating environment the ability to attract and then keep customers can be the difference between success  and failure. One firm that has already instigated a loyalty scheme is Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS), their EuroBonus scheme has been in operation  for fifteen years1, during which time it has attracted many members and benefited the business. But, after fifteen years, changing market conditions and increased pressures it is time to look  at the scheme and determine the best way to adapt or change the EuroBonus scheme to increase business and loyalty for SAS. 1.1 Rationale for the Study 

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