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    A SWOT Analysis of Identix Inc

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    This 3 page paper performs a SWOT analysis on Identix Inc, looking that the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats faced by this biotechnology company. The bibliography cites 4 sources.

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    analysis on Identix Inc shows why the company is in such as strong position at the moment. The main strength which should be weighted the most heavily and prioritised  is the core competence of technological knowledge. However, it is also the ability to make use of this in commercially attractive applications that has created the leading position within the  biometrics industry. The development of the applications must also be seen as strengths, with the new Automated Biometric Identification System bringing in $1.4 million in orders already (Business Wire, 2003).  Identix is also the only company to have proprietary applications for both facial and fingerprint recognition, which may also have been influential in the development of another strength, that is  the level of support from the government. For example the receipt of a grant for $1 million from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency to help develop the facial recognition  programs to operate at a distance (Business Wire, 2003). This was an extension on the original two year project that was started in 2000, indicating the satisfaction at the progress  so far (Business Wire, 2003). The final position may also be seen as strong as there are more assets that liabilities, so even though there may be weak performance the  finical foundation are strong with 409 million in long term assets and no long term debt. The range of different sectors that use the products, from security and government  through to commerce and finance is also a strength as the company is not reliant on the success of single sector. There are also other products such as programme  management and engineering and the subsidiary Legislative Demographic Services, Inc that also spreads risk. The brand names Identix, FaceIt BioTouch, and BioLogon are all known and are also strenghts, but 

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