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    A SWOT Analysis of an International Expansion Strategy

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    This 4 page paper conducts a SWOT analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats affiliated with an American-based business developing operations in another country. As an example the US based restaurant chain Golden Corral is used. The bibliography cites 4 sources.

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    company to look for new markets, whilst new or emerging markets may pull a company towards expansion in a particular market. Whatever the push and pull factors are that motive  the move, the strategy has many strengths and weaknesses. By conducting a SWOT analysis on a company that is not currently in the global market but may has the potential  to do so. Fast food and American food has travelled very well internationally, brand names such AS Pizza Hut, McDonalds and Burger King are all well known. One company that  has a chain of restaurants and operates on a franchise basis is that of Golden Corral. These are buffest style restaurants which serve a main course, such as steak or  chicken and a buffet is included in the price. If we consider the ability of this business to position itself then we can appreciate many of the general issues facing  expansion. Strengths Restaurants have lower barriers to entry, whist the need to gain a location may be a barrier it is one which can be overcome. The company has  a good brand name in the US, therefore, the expansion may be aided with this consumer recognised brand, making the attraction of franchise operators easier than would be the case  for an unknown brand. Voted as the number one franchise opportunity by Entrepreneur magazine in California there is also support from the industry for the potential (Golden Corral, 2003).  In looking at a market such as Europe, the buffest style approach can be seen as a strong level of differentiation. This is not a format seen in Europe  often, although the format is popular in the US. The closest that may be seen in the use of a salad bar, or limited buffet choices as seen with Pizza 

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