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    A Social Ecologist and Deep Ecologist Dialogue

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    In four pages a dialogue between social ecologist Guha and deep ecologist Sessions is presented in order to reveal essential ideologies of both ecology types. There are three sources cited in the bibliography.

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    we speak okay". Sessions: "You must be talking about that chemical spill in the river that just happened yesterday. Wasnt that horrible!" Guha: "Yes, it  sure was. But I hate to say it doesnt surprise me. Thats capitalism for you (Overview of Social Ecology, 2003). These big CEOs worry about their bottom  line more than they worry about the earth and what condition it will be in for future generations" (Overview of Social Ecology, 2003). Sessions: "So what your  saying is you think capitalism is at the heart of ecological crisis?" Guha: "Yes, in a nutshell. The way we, as a society, have focused so much on  capitalism has led to a society where profit is the main objective, and corporate self-interest has led to the irresponsible use of technology and science" (Overview of Social Ecology, 2003).  Sessions: "Yes, the effects of that spill are going to impact many lives. It really pains me to see such irresponsibility. Nature is such a  precious resource, and God never intended for us to mistreat it so horribly" (Drengson, 2003). Sessions: "I worry about not just this spill, but the bigger problem  of all people who mistreat our earth and natural resources. There is certainly a lack of understanding in the general population in regards to the interconnectedness of all things,  and this is the true problem which our society must face". Guha: "So what youre saying is that you think the problem goes beyond the spill itself  and capitalistic motivations"? Sessions: "Yes, thats what I mean. Even though the spill itself is an obvious ecological disaster, it represents a much larger problem in 

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