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    A Strategic Review of ConAgra

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    This 51 page paper provides an intricate look at this large company. How it performs on the stock exchange is just a small part of this detailed analysis that includes matrices (EFE, IFE, IE, etc.) and a SWOT analysis. Many charts and statistical information are included. This comprehensive financial analysis ends with recommendations and predictions for the company's future. Bibliography lists 34 sources.

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    Omaha, Nebraska ( "ConAgra Foods, Inc.," 2002). While one can say that it is in the food industry in a general sense, it should be noted that a more concise  industry analysis reveals that ConAgra is rather diverse and overlaps in terms of the industries it affects. ConAgra boasts 33 high profile brands which are each responsible for more than  $100 million in revenue per year (2002). The company is also the countrys number two firm in terms of meat and poultry production (2002). The firms agricultural segment is  a significant U.S. flour and dry corn miller and it also trades and distributes crop protection chemicals, fertilizers, food ingredients, and grain-based products, as well as seeds around the world  (2002). Although the company does well today, from its inception to 1974, there were all sorts of problems; poorly performing subsidiaries coupled with commodity speculation caused a situation  where ConAgra had serious financial setbacks ( "ConAgra Foods, Inc.," 2002). In 1974, Mike Harper took over and trimmed properties in order to reduce debt and soon, ConAgra  was focused on the commodities side of the business (2002). This was tied to volatile price cycles and by 1978, it would buy United Agri Products (2002). By the 1980s,  the firm would move into the consumer niche and sell food products there (2002). It continued to focus attention on that end and bought Beatrice Foods in 1991 (2002). Also,  in 1998, the company bought GoodMark Foods, maker of Slim Jim, and Nabiscos Egg Beaters and table spread units like Parkay (2002). ConAgra would go on to buy Emerge  from Litton Industries in 2000 and also Seaboards poultry division and refrigerated meat alternatives maker Lightlife. It was then that this company became known as ConAgra Foods ( 

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