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    A Study in Recidivism

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    This 27 page paper provides an original qualitative study submitted by a student, a substantial literature review and suggestions on how to reduce recidivism in the criminal justice system. The study material respects Singapore's justice system and the nation's CLAS (Criminal Legal Aid Scheme) is discussed in depth. Proposals to reduce recidivism are made in a broad sense. A number of theories are discussed. Bibliography lists 17 sources.

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    criminal justice system which is to mete out punishments and possibly deter others, rehabilitate some, and provide a sense of retribution for victims and their families, many systems fail. Throughout  the world, in order to help the accused, legal aid provides lawyers for its needy defendants. The attorneys are generally appointed or, in respect to landmark cases and other special  interests, lawyers will volunteer for a particular case. Some firms pride themselves on the pro-bono work that they do. By and large, although people are afforded legal help no matter  what their socio-economic status, the complimentary lawyers are often less than stellar. A wealthy individual has a much better shot at an acquittal than does someone who has to rely  on a government appointed attorney. Whether or not legal representation is good is just the tip of the iceberg. It is also important that convicts be given the wherewithal to  make a life for themselves whether or not they are convicted. Many have heard the expression "revolving door justice." What happens is that a convict is imprisoned for a time  and inevitably comes back. Once someone has a record, they are likely to commit crime again. This phenomenon is also called recidivism and is a significant problem, but while the  problem remains, legal aid programs do little to help. An example of why this is the case comes from Singapore, a country with an excellent record in terms of legal  aid in their criminal justice system. The acronym CLAS denotes a program that represents legal aid in Singapore. What is the function of CLAS (Criminal Legal Aid Scheme)? CLAS helps  the poor with criminal matters and a defendant is guaranteed help with his or her legal problems. CLAS has received recognition for the role it plays in the criminal 

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