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    A Theory Explaining Illicit Drug Use

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    A 4 page proposal of a theory to explain why some individuals use illicit drugs. This paper suggests the multifactor disease model of illicit drug use. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

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    is no medical reason for that use. These theories range from biological explanations, to psychological explanations to sociological explanations. Perhaps the most comprehensive explanation that can be proposed  to explain illicit drug use would be the multifactor disease model of addiction. Talbot (2007) suggests that some individuals that use drugs do so in the search for pleasure  or the relief of pain, stress, tension or depression. Others do so as a result of peer pressure or in the pursuit of religious, mystical, or social experiences or  to enhance physical performance. The proposed multifactor disease model of addiction can successfully explain each of these reasons. The validity of the  multifactor disease model of addiction is supported by the fact that illicit drug use, whether that use revolves around the irresponsible use of drugs that are prescribed by a doctor  or the use of street drugs, obeys no lines of demarcation regarding race, politics, or economics. Illicit drug use affects all cultures and all peoples. Some individuals, however,  are simply not attracted to illicit drugs in the way that others are. This might be due to the lack of congenital biological or psychological factors that lead so  many others to addiction. It might be because of a combination of upbringing and peer association. It might be because of geographic isolation. The converse of whatever  isolates these individuals from a tendency towards illicit drug use, however, serves to predispose others to that use. While some select individuals are  successful in escaping the many direct physiological, psychological and sociological impacts of illicit drugs, they do suffer the indirect impacts. Those that use these drugs, however, are the direct 

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