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    This 5 page paper aruges and examples an the argumentative essay: The War on Drugs. Both sides presented and argued, exampled, and quoted. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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    provoking. The listener/reader needs to know what the topic or subject is that the writer is passionate about. And, this may be the key to writing an argumentative essay: passion.  The topic needs to be one that the writer feels strongly about, has definite opinions on, and has facts, figures and validation to back up his/her claims. A potential opening  statement might read something like this: Did you know that in this land of liberty, freedom and justice for all, that you are no more free, no more at  liberty, and living in a land that is no more just than those it thumbs its nose at? The United States, while claiming to provide a wealth of opportunities for  the individual who is willing to just work hard pays little more than lip service to its own credo of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. In the United  States alone millions of people are incarcerated on non-violent drug charges, making the nations prison system big business. However, the startling fact is, the war on drugs isnt winnable, and  not only is it not winnable, but the money, nearly three billion dollars a year, that is being spent to wage this losing battle, is money that is most desperately  needed for the nations poor and undereducated. Drugs should be legalized as the war against them is not winnable, and more importantly, the war on drugs is politically based, and  not driven by humanitarian interests in the least. One of the prevailing arguments these days is that one would not want a physician operating on one when the physician is  using marijuana on his off hours. First of all, the recreational use of marijuana does not seem to be any more addictive or physically debilitating as drinking several glasses of 

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