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    Achievements of American Suffragette Elizabeth Cady Stanton

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    Elizabeth Cady Stanton's life and social achievements are the focus of this paper consisting of 8 pages. Three sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    for Enterprises Inc By , January 2013 To Use This Report Correctly, Please     There are a number of reasons why Elizabeth Cady Stanton was such a significant figure in womens history, not solely the fact that she  was instrumental in achieving suffrage for women but also for the way in which she changed societys general perception of women and their role.  Even though women today feel that equality has not truly been achieved, especially in terms of educational and employment rights, it is sometimes hard  to imagine the extent of the gender inequality which was prevalent in Stantons time. Not only did women not have the vote, they were perceived as very much the property  of, and subordinate to, men: confined to traditional domestic and nurturing roles, they were denied the educational opportunities which men enjoyed and hence were excluded from entering the professions.  Perhaps the first occasion on which Stanton encountered outright discrimination was at the World Anti-Slavery Convention  in 1840. The convention was held in Britain, where men were not used to women participating actively in political issues, and the women delegates from the USA were not permitted  to take part in the proceedings. Several of the male American delegates protested, but the British were adamant that the women could not enter the main hall, but had to 

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