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    Adolescents and the Effects of Dependence Upon Welfare

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    This paper discusses the negative effects being dependent upon welfare programs has on adolescents in five pages. Five sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    influence the view of this argument. Bibliography lists 5 sources. MHWelfAd.rtf Welfare Dependence on the Impact on Adolescents Written by May  Hall 11/2001 Please The societal response to the dilemma of poverty, originating in the Great Depression, was to provide necessary sustenance  to those greatly impacted by the transformation of the countrys economic situation. The immediate response to very essential economic issues was to utilize governmental structures as a means of  providing for the common good. Social welfare developed in response to these needs and with respect for the economic situations that created the inequalities within society (Heilbroner, 1969).  In the years since the Great Depression, many societal and individual ethical situations have impacted the effectiveness of the welfare system. The problems that continually plague the welfare system  are not necessarily either societal or individual, but instead a combination of the two. The progression of the United States towards a national society, developed with a national purpose,  a national agenda and a national morality, has significantly impacted perceptions of welfare (Dolgoff & Feldstein, 1984). On a large scale, the welfare system represents not only a national  response to the issue of poverty, but also the mass cultures transition from very basic moral and work ethics to a series of economic expectations. The same national society  that supported the needs of the poor also promoted commercialism that did not necessarily fairly represent the spending capacity of all of its members (Dolgoff & Feldstein, 1984). Because  of this discrepancy between the premises of the mass culture and the needs of the individuals, consumerism within American society also led to increased dependency on the welfare system. 

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