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    for them and that their should be connections in instruction between new material and the adults body of constructed knowledge, which has been acquired both from formal education and lived  experience (Knowles, 1984, p. 4). Colan, Grabowski and Smith (2003) define andragogy as the "art and science of helping adults learn." The five underlying assumptions of andragogy are that the  adult learner is someone who: * Has an independent self-concept and who can direct his or her own learning * Has accumulated a reservoir of life experiences  that is a rich resource for learning * Has learning needs closely related to changing social roles * Is problem-centered and interested in immediate application of  knowledge * Is motivated to learn by internal rather than external factors (Colan, Grabowski and Smith, 2003). As this suggests, andragogy encompasses the premises of experiential  learning theory, which perceives learners as being "active agents in their own learning," as learning is believed to have taken place when the learner is able to integrate new material  with what that individual already knows (Armstrong, 2006, p. 551). In other words, this theory presents learning as involving "a personal construction of meaning," which is moderated "through experience" (Armstrong,  2006, p. 551). The assignment calls for students to relate how the topic can be applied in their academic life. This perspective on learning implies that the learner should  search for connections between course material and their own experiences in order to construct their understanding and facilitated complete assimilation of the new material in meaningful ways. In other words,  in addressing new material, adult learning theories share the common factor that it is assumed that the adult learner will be able to relate new facts and information to 

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