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    Advertising and Creativity

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    In five pages the advertising industry is examined in terms of creativity changes with some advertising agencies explored in a specific consideration of creative forces and media changes. Eight sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    its ally ("Speeding" C64). Not only is advertising flourishing in the 2000s but it has taken on a new aura of creativity. Many firms are included in this new age  of prosperity and concept building. DDB, for example has according to McDonough, displayed unprecedented creativity (McDonough 3). Other advertising agencies such as MVBMS, BBDO and McCann-Erickson have also received compliments  for its creative leaps. Some examples of the new creativity exist in recent M&M/Mars efforts and the relaunch of Peanut Butter Twix; its new music-themed ads created by Grey  Worldwide is rather impressive (Thompson 8). Other new innovative ads are erupting each day on television screens and while some do not see much difference, it is true that the  advertisements are superior than what had been done decades ago. While many advertising firms are seen as creative, that is what advertising is all about anyway. They are supposed  to be creative. However, today, there seems to be a paradigm shift. There is a change in creativity in advertising and the composition of advertisements. One obvious influence is the  computer. Computer graphics does allow artists to do things they never could before; they can now actually create what are in the imaginations of creative directors and account executives. The  impossible is now easy to achieve. Creativity, and changes in creative forces, is important to be recognized and understood. It is the essence of advertising and if one does not  seek to examine it, it can disappear. How is this possible? Much has to do with the administration of advertising companies. Those in charge must be creative, and not bean  counters. Problems emerge when money and personalities supersede the creative forces, which only serves to stop a company from growing in a positive direction. The concept of change in creativity 

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