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    Affirmative Action and Reverse Discrimination

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    In five pages this paper discusses both sides of the Affirmative Action issue and emphasizes the reverse discrimination problems that have allegedly resulted. Five sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    the problem of reverse discrimination. Bibliography lists 5 sources. SA105AA.wps In a politically correct society that supports the rights of minorities, sometimes white males are overlooked. In  fact, there is almost a prejudice against white males in every facet of business and education as if they are somehow evil or too aggressive to render a fairly competitive  society. They have money, get into medical school, buy exquisite homes in the cities and suburbia and it seems to come easy. Contrast the typical white males lifestyle to that  of the struggling single mother or black adolescent who is raised in the ghetto and one will see a society that does not seem fair. The concept of affirmative action--where  minorities stand a chance to make a life for themselves--does seem fair even if some white toes are stepped on in the process. While the affirmative action concept has stood  for quite some time, and is embraced by many, the truth is that much of the explanation above is based on stereotypes. Not all white males do well. Many struggle  to make ends meet as do women and African Americans. While much of the upper class is white, that does not mean that much of the white population is upper  class. That is hardly the case. Thus, being white is not a meal ticket and in fact, many minorities in the twenty-first century can expect to do well--at least much  better than their grandparents--and so affirmative actions propensity to cause a reverse discrimination situation is intolerable. Simply, affirmative action is unfair because its very nature serves to discriminate against a  large segment of society. While many may balk about affirmative action, the concept is beyond mere criticism. Court cases have been incited as a result. And while some cases have 

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