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    AirAsia and the Potential of M-Commerce

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    This 20 page paper examines the low cost airline AirAsia on order to assess whether or not they could benefit from pursuing the use of M-commerce. The writer looks at the definitions of e-commerce and m-commerce and then performs an analysis of AirAsia focusing on the e-commerce aspects of its operations using a SWOT analysis, value chain analysis and then looking at the industry using Porters Five Forces model. The analysis is used to assess the potential of m-commerce as a strategy for the air carrier. The bibliography cites 14 sources.

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    4.1.2 New Entrants 18 4.1.3 Power of Suppliers 19 4.1.4 Power of buyers 19 4.1.5 Substitutes 19 5. Recommendation/Conclusion 20 References 21 1. Introduction AirAsia is an innovative firm, the airline was the first low  cost carrier in Asia and operates ion an aggressive pricing strategy. However an airline cannot compete on prices alone, the strategies adopted need to reflect the environment within which they  are competing. One of the strategies has been extensive use of e-commerce which supports the ticketless model adopted by the airline (AirAsia, 2009). However, the airline cannot stand still  and needs to move forwards. E-commerce is well established, many firms are now looking at the way m-commerce, the use of connectivity through mobile technology may support the technological stratagems  that are used to support and make sales. In order to assess this the first part of the paper will look at the concept of m-commerce and consider the  way in which it differs from e-commerce. The paper then moves on to look at the position of the firm looking at internal capabilities as well as external influences through  a range of models. Understanding the potential use of the technology as well as the position of the firm leads to the ability to assess the potential of m-commerce  as a part of the strategies used by AirAsia. 2. E-commerce and m-commerce 2.1 E-Commerce The development of the internet meant that the e-commerce model would inevitability follow. Today many  of the initial barriers of eCommerce, including the reluctance to undertake transaction by consumers due to security concerns and the social acceptance of the internet as a valid purchase medium  have been overcome (Chaffey, 2004). E-commerce is defined by the American Heritage Dictionary (2007), as "Commerce that is transacted electronically, as over the Internet". This indicates that e-commerce is much 

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