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    Airplane Crash: Expanded Case Study and Analysis

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    This 10 page paper provides a case study regarding the aerospace industry and the use of quantitative analysis. FTA as a mode of analysis is explained in depth. This paper includes paper SA433FTA with the addition of a literature review, analysis and conclusion. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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    A case study to illustrate the actual application of quantitative analysis in a management decision-making situation is conducive to understanding quantitative analysis. First, however, the concept of quantitative  analysis, as well as models which may be utilized in an aerospace context, must be discerned. It should be noted that a quantitative assessment which is based on the  probabilistic estimates do become more realistic in the latter stages as a decision-making tool, or simply for verification (Birmingham, Cain & Cripps, 2000). With such a tool in place, a  designer is able to choose the level of safety analysis in which he would like to work (2000). Then, such an individual would of course have the option to increase  the complexity at any time (2000). II. Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) FTA is a popular accident analysis technique and may be thought of as a powerful diagnostic tool  (Main & McMurphy, 1998). It is useful in analyzing complex systems and was originally developed by Bell Labs during 1961 so that the Air Force could benefit (1998). It is  a method that will help to identify causes (1998). However, the method is utilized a great deal now by the government for branches of the utility and aerospace  industries (1998). FTA actually is equivalent to a chart that shows undesirable events (1998). Here, symbols are utilized in order to indicate the relationship between the various events (1998). An  analysis will focus on the identification of how a particular event might occur, and this is sometimes looked at as a "top-down" approach (1998). FMEA, on  the other hand, looks to locate all types of failures and examines their effects (1998). FTA is something that may be either qualitative or quantitative (1998). In order to 

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