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    Alaska’s Retailers

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    A 3 page paper offering abbreviated SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analyses of Wal-Mart, Subway and IHOP in Alaska, followed by an equally abbreviated marketing plan for a gaming company in Alaska. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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    decade ago that most retail chains began to enter Alaskan markets. All share problems of distribution, and most include additional storage space that would not be cost effective in  the lower 48 states. Wal-Mart Strengths * Worlds largest retailer. * Wal-Mart can serve outlying areas. Weaknesses * Alaskans do not universally welcome the presence of Wal-Mart. Opportunities * Kmart  closed stores in outlying regions. * Wal-Mart can carry Alaska-specific merchandise not readily available elsewhere (Liebeck, 1993). Threats * Highly dependent on volume for profitability. IHOP Strengths * Most raw  materials have long shelf life. Weaknesses * Dependent on local market for profitability. Opportunities * IHOP can operate at relatively low food costs and gain higher margins than other types  of restaurants. Threats * Success is limited to the local market. Subway Strengths * Subway can be unique in the Alaskan market (Brown, 2000). Weaknesses * Availability of fresh ingredients  is limited much of the year; the restaurant may need to alter its menu. Opportunities * Urban markets greet restaurants with excitement (Brown, 2000). Threats * There are several competitors  in Subways segment of the local market. Marketing Plan Introducing professional gaming to the citizens of Anchorage is made less difficult by the  existence of Indian gaming facilities. Pull tab games and bingo have been allowed in Alaska for years, but other games of chance have not. The people of Alaska  should have little if any difficulty accepting higher forms of gaming (Coalition formed to promote casino development, 2003; p. 21). That hurdle cleared,  the issue can be presented to the people of Anchorage in terms of economic prosperity. The existence of professionally managed gaming facilities and activities can contribute to furthering tourism 

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