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    This 18 page paper is a literature review and proposal for a study to develop strategies for the health service to increase health in the local population by reducing the level of alcoholism and alcohol abuse in a low income community. The paper starts by outlining the study community that will benefit and then considers what is meant by health the physical and social impacts of alcohol and the knock on effect with the level of road accidents that occur as a result of alcohol and the cost of the harm caused by alcohol in England. The bibliography cites 20 sources.

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    1. Introduction In recent months there has been a great deal of media attention focused on the supposed culture of binge drinking and the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption. The  trigger for the increased media attention has been the changes in lifting laws and the lifting of many restrictions and ability for alcohol to be sold 24 hours a day.  The fears expressed were that this would create a yob culture where many young people will increase their level of drinking despite the level already being high. The media  draws attention to some good points, but it also fails to address some of the long term issues that have been known for many years. The abuse of alcohol is  not only a recent phenomenon associated with increased disposable income and access to alcohol of the under 30s. The use and abuse of alcohol has been causing problems for many  centuries. The use of alcohol and the effects is have on the brain have lead to it being used as an escape or a relaxant to those under stress or  who are unhappy with their lives. For this reason there have been a higher use in poorer social classes where there are social problems associated with poverty and over crowding.  In more recent decades the increased use by those under stress, on the home or at work, has also been seen to emerge. The perception of alcohol as a  serous problem may be a new one, but in areas such as Dartford in Kent, where in the populace of one GP practice there appears to an incidence rate 40%  for alcohol problem of all patients seen in the last 25 months, This is a very high incidence rate and it is one that has developed over a period 

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