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    Alpha Personal Dental Care Systems (Case Study Analysis)

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    This 12 page paper provides an analysis of the case study. Various sections discuss issues such as management and marketing. A SWOT analysis is included as well. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

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    are positive things and excitement in the air about this new, potentially lucrative invention, there are concerns about the patent and even about how manufacturing would take place. Further, investment  in the initial phases may be difficult to attain. However, risk capital is certainly necessary. This analysis serves to provide an assessment of the viability of the venture and look  carefully into the plans proposed by Butler and his associates. II. INTRODUCTION. This case at issue is one submitted by a student and is entitled Alpha Dental  Care Systems where Peter Butler and Julie McBride want to introduce a new toothbrush concept and are seeking risk capital (Czyzowski, 1995). The case study relays that the toothbrush has  a "unique double-locking connector mechanism" to allow the head to be replaced easily (Czyzowski, 1995). It is also noted that prior to this meeting there had been various attempts to  create joint ventures in the past under different company names for completely different products (Czyzowski, 1995). Butler is after all a graphic designer (Czyzowski, 1995). Julie McBride had been engaged  in the same business, and worked with Peter in other ventures, but she worked as an account manager (Czyzowski, 1995). In respect to the current idea, the concept of  the toothbrush is more than just an implement where the brush portion could be changed every six months or so. Don Thomas believes that patients should use a dry toothbrush  each time they brush and so the idea of having a dry brush twice per day applied to this dentist who would partner with Peter and Julie in the endeavor  (Czyzowski, 1995). Hence, the product design is unique and may find a comfortable niche in the market. III. COMPANY OVERVIEW The company Alpha Personal Dental Care 

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