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    An Analysis of the Bilingual and Bicultural Facets of The Next of Kin

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    This 6 page essay analyzes the character Washoe in the tale by Roger Fouts and Stephen Tukel Mills. The character is both bilingual and bicultural. European ethnocentrism is challenged. 1 source.

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    Fouts presents the reader with information, which appear incredibly specific and scientific. It provides incredibly detailed accounts of Washoe and how this chimpanzee illustrates that primates are, in fact, persons.  As a person, Washoe has proven to be bilingual, or multilingual, as well as bicultural. In the following paper we examine Washoe and her powerfully innate abilities which demonstrate, according  to Fouts, that she is a person. The paper also discusses how this clearly challenges the old notions of European ethnocentrism. Washoe Fouts, in the first chapter of  his book, discusses how his first introduction to primates, and more specifically, chimpanzees of a sort, was through the story books of Curious George. He then illustrates how His next  encounter was with Washoe: "Washoe the real chimpanzee was more fantastical than Curious George in one important respect: she teamed how to talk with her hands using American Sign Language.  Washoe was the first talking nonhuman, and in the wake of her accomplishment the ancient notion that humans are unique in their capacity for language was shaken forever" (Fouts NA).  This presents us with the entire foundation of understanding how chimpanzees, and perhaps all primates, are persons. Washoe, in Fouts illustrations, clearly speaks of a person who is able  to adjust to different cultures, or the culture of humans, and also exist as a multilingual being. Fouts further illustrates this essential theory in the following: "But then Washoe began  talking. She took me on an amazing journey to a world where animals can think and feel-and can communicate those thoughts and feelings through language. Along the way I met  dozens of other chimpanzees, each one as individualistic and expressive as Washoe herself. In the end I learned more about my own species than I ever dreamed possible: the nature 

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