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    An Emergency Medical Services Overview

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    In five pages historical and contemporary information regarding emergency medical services are presented and include such topics as EMTs, ambulances, volunteer rescue squads and some of the problems emergency services must tackle. Five sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    hospitals or are a part of a larger system such as the total of city emergency services. In smaller towns they are tied to city services as well, but many  communities often rely on privately funded rescue squads. In fact, today, there is a much community involvement in providing ambulance services for the locale. Volunteer ambulance squads generally  have people in the area who are on call and will be able to respond at a moments notice. Sometimes they work in shifts and a member will be on  call on specific 12 or 24 hour periods. During other times, there may be all squad calls when it is presumed that many people will be in the area, such  as on a weekend. Because some squads rely on chance to an extent, there are times when they will be caught short, but they often have alliances with nearby towns  if an emergency comes up. First aid squads deal with a variety of situations such as accidents where the jaws of life may have to be used, to scraped knees  during summer festivals. Ambulance squads also have to retrieve dead bodies for transport when a person has already died in his sleep or has been found floating in the water  for example. Local first aid squads are often dispatched by the police departments and in general, the police are on the scene when the ambulance arrives. Professional ambulances  are dispatched in a different manner. In looking at emergency services, it is often the case that police, fire and medical services fall under the same umbrella. In Princeton, for  example, services are lumped under the title of Princeton Emergency Services. In this venue, borough and township police are responsible for dispatching fire and ambulance vehicles ("Princeton," 1999). All 

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