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    An Historical Undercurrent of Anti Semitism That Existed Before the Enlightenment and Afterwards

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    In five pages the anti Semitic sentiments that manifested themselves before the Enlightenment and then were resurrected by Adolf Hitler and the Nazis are discussed. Two sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    Anti-Semitism has a deeply rooted history. It would be a history which would appear on the verge of extinction during the Enlightenment, however. That period, spanning between the  seventeenth century, had actually become known as the Jewish Emancipation (Gallagher, 1991). Indeed, it would result in the emergence of many Jews onto the world wide scene as both  respected and admired entities. Jews such as Heinrich Heine, Benjamin Disraeli, Karl Marx, Johannes Brahms, Sigmund Freud, Marcel Proust, Franz Kafka, Albert Einstein, J. Robert Oppenheimer, and Yehudi Menuhin  would become some of the most widely recognized and influential individuals of their time during the time following the Enlightenment, a phenomenal accomplishment given the deep hatred and resentment that  has faced Jews practically throughout their history (Gallagher, 1991). Given this progress we must ask ourselves, how then did such a progressive view on Jews deteriorate so rapidly into  the anti-Semitic horrors wielded by the Hitler regime? The period leading up to the so-called "Jewish Emancipation" had been one of tremendous societal  progress. This lead-up was characterized by a battle between religion and science. In reality it was a battle between societal expectations and those who dared to counter those  expectations. This battle became particularly intense during the seventeenth century with thinkers like Galileo and Descartes. During the first half of  the seventeenth century Europeans viewed life as a constant. Every activity was controlled by some sort of authoritarian regiment. As the Seventeenth Century progressed however, tremendous leaps would  be made in technologies and the sciences. The scientific and technologic revolution which would follow however would spread throughout Europe and indeed throughout the world. 

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