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    An Ideal Society With a Combination of Ancient and Modern Aspects

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    In five pages what constitutes an ideal society is considered with ancient and contemporary elements combining to build the perfect overall social construct. Five sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    a. Health care b. Family & Commitment to Children V. Problems in the United States VI. Conclusion In creating an ideal society  based on the aspects of the current society in the United States elements from past and present societies could be included as improvements. Ancient Egypt and the Roman Empire provide  good examples of more centralization in regards to political, economical and legal systems. In the United States currently, the voting system for federal, state and municipal elections allows for the  a representative government headed by a majority party, yet the President may not in all cases be represented by that party as he or she is elected separately. This being  the case, often legislative actions are stalled such as those currently involving healthcare. Health care is one of the major negative components in the United States today. An example of  a good health care system comes from modern day Sweden where federal monies are dedicated to the mental, physical and social health of the population despite whatever economic recessions exist.  In regards to education, the last recorded literacy rates in the United States were high suggesting that despite the current private and public education debate currently afflicting the United States,  overall the U.S. has a good commitment to education and this commitment should continue to increase for an ideal society. In Ancient  Egypt (3500-332 B.C.E.), the Nile provided much of the livelihood of the region in regards to flooding for irrigation of the fields for agriculture and the access to trade along  the Nile and into the Mediterranean. Because of the dependence on the Nile, the Egyptians prospered in trade and in turn used their resources to develop technology to further their 

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