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    Analysis of a Case Study -- The Success of Swatch Watches

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    This 5 page report discusses the remarkable success of Swatch Watch U.S.A. and how it serves as a valuable example of using one case study to illustrate particular issues in the business world for students of marketing, business, management, and SWOT analysis. Bibliography only lists the primary source.

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    practice and what the results have been. This proves true in terms of both successes and failures and is certainly a key consideration as students learn the most fundamental principles  of marketing and how they are best and most creatively used. As the student begins his or her analysis of the situations with which Swatch Watch U.S.A. essentially revolutionized the  way the watch industry marketed its products, they will see two key ingredients of successful marketing are the willingness to make change when necessary and to develop new strategies for  new sets of circumstances. The student is also likely to see that, in many ways, the Swatch Watch study is a "classic" in terms of how it addresses the  ways in which the company had to carefully analyze its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats ("S.W.O.T. analysis" rather than a "Swatch analysis"). The student will also see that after having  once experienced a phenomenal 41 percent in exporting watches in one year (1985), the Swiss Watch industry had reason to believe that it had recovered its position in the global  marketplace and the awareness of consumers. Swatch Watch and its brightly-colored and plastic watches were a big part of that comeback having sold over ten million of the "technologically advanced"  and most importantly, stylish watches throughout the world between 1984 and 1985. Swatch appeared to be offering the perfect solution to the Swiss problem of competing with inexpensive watches flooding  the global market from manufacturers in Asia. The big question for Swatch executives and their marketing team became "now what?" "Now What?" and SWOT Analysis Answering the question of "now  what?" is of the utmost importance if an organization or industry, or even an individual business, in terms of marketing strategies and success. Swatch had come up with a product 

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