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    Analysis of the 1860 US Census

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    This 3 page paper uses data from the 1860 US census to asses the differences in the population and the economy between the free states and the slave states and then uses the same data to asses why the south used slaves in agriculture and the social power differences that were present in the south. The bibliography cites 3 sources.

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    the free states and the slave states, in terms of descriptive statistics a good approach is the utilization of means (Dancey and Reidy, 2004). With a total population1 of 12,240,293  in the slave states and 18,420,533 in the free states there are more people living in the free states compared to the slave states, however the average number of people  living in each state is higher in its a state, with a mean of population of 1,530,037 per state, compared to an average population of 1,044,475 per state in the  free states. As expected there is this big difference in the number of slaves, in the slave states the third of the population made up by states, with an average  of 32.27% of the population in each state being made up of slaves, and an average of only 2.05% of the population being made up of free black people. The  statistics indicate that there is no significant number of slaves within the free states, and although it appears there is an average of one slave state, this is a misleading  mean, as all 18 slaves that are registered in the free states are all within the same state. With such a low number this proportion is statistically insignificant. However, it  appears that there are significantly fewer black people in the states, as when looking at the free black people, this category only makes up a mean of 1.2% of the  population of each state. When looking at the economy the slave states appear to have much higher reliance on funding, with an average of 87,370 farms per state with mean  average acreage of 351 acres of farm, and one from for every 18 members of the population. By comparison the free states have fewer farms, with an average of 68,510 

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