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    Analysis of the Right to Life Social Movement

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    In five pages this paper discusses collective behavior in an analysis of the 'right to life' social movement. Three sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    movement. The concepts of social movement and collective behavior are each defined. Bibliography lists 3 sources. SA145RTL.rtf Modern social  movements are a manifestation of collective behavior. In order to make sense of that statement, one has to know what a social movement is, as well as the definition of  collective behavior. First, what is a social movement? Mario Dianis (1992 as cited in "Section," 2001) definition is as follows: "A social movement is a network of informal  interactions between a plurality of individuals, groups and / or organizations, engaged in a political or cultural conflict, on the basis of a shared collective identity." (PG) . Movements include,  but are not limited to, labor, national, womens, anti-globalization, community and peace movements (2001). Second, what is collective behavior? Collective behavior is when actions, emotions and thoughts  occur at the same time, and almost spontaneously, in a large group of people ("Collective," 2001). Also, it may be a movement that is outside of the norm (2001). Most  movements involving collective behavior are on the fringes of society. However, an example of mainstream collective behavior is what happened on September 11th when an entire nation, and much  of the world, had a similar emotional shock. Most people in fact reacted with anger and sadness. Not too many social movements spun off of the event, as it was  one that brought the country together. Still, there are those that the mainstream media calls the peace-niks and others complaining that in this county, with freedom of speech, people are  really not allowed to express themselves. There is the attitude that everyone must be fully behind all of the Bush administrations actions. Still, there are other easily definable contemporary movements 

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