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    This 7 page paper analyzes eBay, including whether it needs to worry about the failure of online retailers and what sort of initiatives it should launch to remain on top in its market sector. The paper includes a SWOT analysis. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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    and whether or not it is losing significant ground to competitors. This paper considers eBays situation, and some of the predictions surrounding the online auction industry. Discussion The prompt for  this analysis asks the student to consider the following questions: Is eBay operating at 100% as it should be? If predictions of the failure of online retailers were correct, would  100% be enough? And should EBay worry about a downturn in business? The 100% refers to eBay CEO Meg Whitmans statement that she believed it was better to give  100% to five projects than 80% to ten projects; in other words, maximum effort on a few important things is better than a "shotgun" approach to a lot of different  endeavors. But a research company called Forrester Research predicted that most online retailers would be out of business by the end of 2000; if that was true, would giving 100%  be enough? Of course, Forrester has been proven wrong: online shopping is going strong, and almost all companies recognize that they have to have websites, whether they sell through them  or not. An online presence is necessary today; it seems to convey legitimacy and people often say theyll look at the companys web site for further information. Whether or not  eBay needs to worry about a downturn in business is something we can investigate further, but all businesses go through cycles. It may be that the flattening the company experienced  is nothing more than a routine dip in sales. It seems to be a cause for worry because eBay has grown exponentially for years, so any slowdown, no matter how  slight, may be cause for alarm. SWOT: A simple Google search for "SWOT eBay" has brought up a few SWOTs that have already been done so we dont need to 

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