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    Anchee Min's Red Azalea Analyzed

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    This paper consists of seven pages and is subdivided into two parts with the first representing a journal style thematic discussion of betrayal and desire with the second being an essay that explores revolutionary passion and secret desires. Four sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    is a complex, startling novel of discovery, courage and character. This is the story of a young woman on a route to exploring her sexuality amidst the Cultural Revolution  in China. Her journey is long and hard and filled with anguish, despair, happiness, love, and everything in between. I enjoyed this novel because I believe it took extraordinary  strength to write it. These certainly are not easy subjects to broach and yet Min does so brilliantly and very eloquently. What we get from reading this novel  is an understanding of a character who is deep and complex and struggling to make the right choices for her life - much as we all do. Min appears to  me to be an inspirational woman because of how she lived her life. She was strong, focused, and this book reflected through her the power within women and how  they can use that power to shape their lives and never give up despite adversity. Indeed, this book is in many ways a reflection of issues we all face.  Although the homosexuality aspect may perhaps be removed from us, just the same many of us deal with issues within ourselves that the world doesnt understand or criticizes us for.  It takes courage to confront these aspects of ourselves just as we see in the Red Azalea. Essentially, what we see in this novel isnt a story of sexual  orientation or lust, but we see a woman who is struggling with her life - struggling within the confines of the human condition. I think that she is just  like many people I know in that. She endures hatred and evil and seeks out the goodness in the world. She is determined to survive and that doesnt 

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