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    Animal Overpopulation in New York City

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    This 12 page paper provides an analysis of the overpopulation problem in respect to pets in New York City. This paper takes a look from a psychological and social point of view. Remedies for this problem are recommended. How a counselor can help without it interfering with professional ethics is a point discussed. A history of animal population in New York City is also provided. Bibliography lists 20 sources.

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    is endearing. Today, many people have pets and while this presents little problem, with the occasional dilemma of where to put Fido when the family goes on vacation, all is  well and good. Dogs are helpful as they herd animals on a farm and they also serve as protection. Other animals are fun to raise and they provide entertainment for  the children. Cats can keep the elderly company. There are many reasons for owning pets, but while that is the case, there is a problem when too many pets are  found in a confined setting. In New York City, the pet population appears to be out of control. It seems that many people are walking their dogs on overcrowded streets  and the animals themselves seem to be overstimulated. Many shelters like to make sure that they give pets to owners who already have fenced in yards and in fact dogs  usually are let out in a confined space. In the city, the owners must walk the dogs and when they are not home, they hire dog walkers. In fact, it  is not unusual to see someone walking several dogs at once as the dog walker profession is now quite lucrative. Indeed, the companion animal overpopulation in New York City is  readily apparent. Many people, and especially animal lovers, do not see a problem with owning pets. However, many buildings have rules about pet ownership and tenants often break them.  Sneaking in animals can wreak havoc, particularly when they try to hide evidence. One problem is that within the confines of an apartment, an animal may make a mess or  create foul odors if they "do their business" inside. Perhaps the most annoying problem is noise. Dogs bark. Other problems concern safety and in fact, there have been dog bite 

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