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    This 9 page essay presents a SWOT analysis of Apple Inc. The essay comments on a strategy that would use Apple's vulnerabilities to gain market share for a new product. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

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    smart phone sector with the iPhone and it also invented iTunes where a user can download music for as little as 99? a song. Thousands of applications are available for  the iPhone, also starting at a price of 99?. The company manufactures numerous sizes and models of computers, both desk and laptop. Besides all this, Apple offers servers, wireless networking  equipment, multimedia publishing software and Filemaker, a data base (Lower, 2009). This company is always on the move. It is always innovating. The company does not compete on price,  it competes on uniqueness and quality. They have never been enticed into any kind of price war and it is doubtful they ever will. Their products are costlier than competitors  but their market share keeps growing. This essay presents a SWOT analysis of Apple Inc. The essay comments on a strategy that would use Apples vulnerabilities to gain market  share for a new product. SWOT Analysis Strengths: 1. Brand. The Apple brand is known across the world as a computer that is easy to use. It is also  known as an innovator with quality products. Testimony to the strength of the brand is seen in data during this recession. Apple has not really been hurt as other companies.  Operating System market share has risen each month in seven of the last eleven months (Information Week, 2009). Sales for computers rose by 9 percent in the last quarter (Information  Week, 2009). Sales for Safari, Apples Internet browser rose to 8.29 percent between March 2008 and January 2009 from 5.82 percent in December 2008 (Information Week, 2009). 2. Innovative. Co-founder  Steve Jobs is incredibly creative, innovative, and forward-looking. Apple grows by innovating new products, such as the iPod and iTunes and by designing a better option in other markets, such 

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