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    Arabs in Israel

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    This 6 page paper examines the relationship between Arabs and Israelis, the voting system in Israel, proposals to the difficulties in the region and so forth. The paper is presented in Q & A format. Three questions are posed and answered. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

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    majority as it pertains to the state of Israel. The region contains a population that is not homogenous. Rather, there are Jews and Arabs fighting for the land, autonomy and  control, each to an extent. One article notes that the problem in the West Bank could lead to a situation where apartheid is present and one in which the Jews  could be in the minority ("A nation," 2004). In any event, the idea that there is a rift between Jews and Arabs is nothing new. However, many do not examine  the plight of the Israeli Arab specifically. To some extent, the regional background is important. Jews fled from other countries because they were persecuted ("A nation," 2004). Hence, it is  to some extent understandable that Zionism became a central cause. If Jews were not welcomed in most countries, something that became quite apparent by the time that W.W.II rolled around,  Israel could prove to be a place where they could live peacefully. Because this haven is also inhabited by Palestinians, the Jewish Israelis perceive them as a threat (2004). Interestingly,  Arabs who live in Israel identify with those who live on the West Bank because they too feel mistreated (2004). Of course, not everything is black and white. Landau  (1993) suggests that there are a variety of viewpoints within Israel and amongst the Jews. In fact, there are very religious Jews who are vehemently against those who do not  want to follow the religion quite as technically ("A nation," 2004). While it is the case that by and large, Israel is a state that wants to be Jewish, there  is really no such thing as a country that can exclude all minorities. To an extent, the situation that exists in Israel is similar to what exists around the world 

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