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    Arctic Expedition and Leadership of Ernest Shackleton

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    In five pages this paper discusses the arduous 8 month Arctic expedition led by Ernest Shackleton in 1914 in a consideration of his impressive leadership qualities. Five sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    the most well known tales of all time. After their ship is destroyed in the icy waters, the men have to camp on the ice for months. What  Shackleton did and how he led his men bravely out of the most terrible of hardships has now become the subject of books on leadership skills. That his men  continued to follow him and trust his judgment is a testimony to the leadership skills of Shackleton. And these skills were proven when every single one of his men  survived the eight-month ordeal. SHACKLETON AND LEADERSHIP QUALITIES It was obvious that Shackletons men trusted his judgment completely even though they had to endure the worst of hardships.  This is the mark of a good leader. In The Ambiguity Of Leadership, Jeffrey Pfeffer attempts to demonstrate how ineffective some leadership can actually be, insofar as people  have come to depend on its ability to address an organizational crisis. The authors article helps to define exactly what a leader means, and whether or not the masses  place far too much emphasis upon success that is based on the abilities of one persons attributes. In his discussion on what defines true leadership, Pfeffer addresses several problems  with the overall concept, including the extent of ambiguity in relation to definition and assessment. How is an effective leader chosen, and what are the criteria for choosing such?  Does leadership truly influence organizational performance? How essential is good leadership in relation to the performance of the group as a whole? These represent just some of  the concerns Pfeffer discusses as a means by which to ascertain the true benefit of effective and enabling leadership. It is the leadership studies of today that cause 

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