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    Are Teachers Prepared For Multicultural Education

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    A 20 page paper that presents a modified research proposal, including an abstract and purpose of study. The literature review reports scholarly articles related to the preparation of preservice teachers in multicultural education. The purpose of the present study is to obtain information from teachers as to how prepared they feel to implement a multicultural education program. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

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    decades, teachers still graduate from teacher preparation programs with little knowledge about these programs. This researcher was interested in learning how prepared teachers are to implement such a program  in a local school district. The objective for the study was to obtain that information. A questionnaire was used to gather the information and responses were analyzed. The results affirm  the results of other studies; teachers do not feel prepared to implement a multi-cultural education program. The researcher has shared the results with the staff development team to use as  they prepare the next years staff development program. Purpose The purpose of the present study is to obtain information about how prepared teachers are to teach in diverse classrooms.  Public school classrooms in the United States, in fact, in most industrialized nations, are becoming more and more diverse. Numerous races, ethnicities, backgrounds and languages are found among the  student population. Because of the diversity, teachers need multicultural education competence if they are going to meet the needs of all students (Kitsantas and Talleyrand, 2005). The lack of multicultural  education knowledge and awareness prevents teachers from providing an effective education for all students (Capella-Santana, 2003). Studies consistently demonstrate that teachers are not prepared to work with diverse populations when  they graduate from teacher education programs (Wiggins and Follo, 1999; Capella-Santana, 2003; Brown, 2004; Kitsantas and Talleyrand, 2005). A number of approaches have been used to help preservice teachers gain  the knowledge and insight needed (Capella-Santana, 2003; Brown, 2004). Still, teacher candidates are not prepared to implement effective multi-cultural education programs. This situation continues to exist despite the research and  projects conducted intended to eliminate the problem The present study intends to gather information about how prepared teachers feel to implement a multicultural education program. The teachers included in 

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