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    Arguing That for Women Pornography is Damaging

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    In five pages this paper argues that pornography is harmful to a woman's self image in a consideration of Feminism, Pornography, and Censorship by Mark R. Wicclair, and Pornography, Oppression, and Freedom A Closer Look by Helen E. Longino. There are no other sources listed.

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    argument claims that pornography is demeaning to women and should therefore be banned. Of course, one must consider the perspective of free speech in this country that prides itself on  being able to allow any voice to any medium. It should also be noted that anyone who truly pays attention to the existence of pornography knows that it supports the  notion that women are nothing but sex objects and that in some cases pornography can inadvertently be responsible for the actual physical harm of women in our society. Bearing these  possibilities and realities in mind the following paper focuses on Helen E. Longinos "Pornography, Oppression, and Freedom: A Closer Look" and Mark R. Wicclairs "Feminism, Pornography, and Censorship" in examining  the case regarding the banning of pornography in light of the harm done to women. The two essays are examined separately and then discussed together. Longino Longinos work makes  some very valid points in addressing how pornography harms women in many ways. One of the most important things to note regarding her essay is that which divides erotica from  pornography. She makes note that erotic is different in that it depicts people mutually enjoying sexual adventures. Pornography is essentially classified as the sexual material which puts women in an  obviously submissive, if not threatened, position. She uses the words of the Commission on Obscenity and Pornography to define pornography: "the degrading and demeaning portrayal of the role and status  of the human female....as a mere sexual object to be exploited and manipulated sexually" (p. 437). Longino never makes the argument that all sexual explicit material should be banned,  but that obvious presentations of women under an oppressive environment should be banned. She makes note of material that can be found in Vogue and Rolling Stone, such as pictures 

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