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    Argumentative Article on Gay Marriage by Theodore Olson

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    A 3 page paper that discusses elements of Theodore Olson’s argumentative article The Conservative Case for Gay Marriage. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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    an American value, is an article that argues in favor of gay marriages, coming from a conservative Republican. It is a very logical and strong article that brings up many  of the arguments against gay marriage and illustrates how they are essentially very ill conceived and make little, if any sense, in todays society. The following paper examines his article.  Argumentative Article on Gay Marriage by Theodore Olson Olson begins his argument, which is aimed at discussing and explaining his involvement in overturning issues related to Proposition 8  in California, by discussing how he, as a conservative, is getting a lot of backfire from fellow Republicans. Olson is an influential lawyer and was part of the Reagan and  Bush administration, which clearly puts him in a Republican and conservative position. Because there are apparently so many conservatives confused by his involvement he seemingly wrote this article to illustrate  his foundations of belief concerning gay marriage and basic constitutional rights. His approach style is to take the various arguments against gay marriage and illustrate how they are not  strong arguments. He notes how people often use the argument that marriage is for procreation. This he counters with the fact that many elderly people get married and they will  never have children, and how many couples never have children nor intend to have children. They are not asked if they plan to have children when they marry, as part  of the civil union agreement. He illustrates how people rely on the notion of tradition, saying marriage has always been a heterosexual union, indicating that, "But simply because something has  always been done a certain way does not mean that it must always remain that way" (Olson, 2010). If such were the case people of mixed races would not be 

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