• Argumentative Essay: Beauty

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    A 5 page paper which offers an argumentative essay that addresses the issue of beauty. The paper utilizes the descriptive process in order to argue that a particular individual is attractive. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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    are told, by the media and by others, that a particular shape of the body, a particular type of personality, and a particular type of face are attractive. And, in  being told this we are subtly told that anything else is not attractive. In the following paper we present a descriptive argument that argues an individual who is not normally  seen as attractive is, in fact, attractive. The Definition of Attractiveness or Beauty Before arguing whether an individual is attractive or not it is important to understand what  the definition of attractiveness or beauty is. By doing this we can define "from the start what exactly is under discussion" (Anonymous Essays and Arguments, Section Four, 2002; argument4.htm). In  many cases todays society believes that a woman is attractive if she is endowed with adequate, or more than adequate breasts. She must be slightly underweight with a shapely body.  She should have no wrinkles on her face and have a very nicely proportioned face. She cannot have a overly large nose or any feature that truly stands out, unless  perhaps it is large eyes with long lashes or very full lips. In the case of a man there is a bit more that can make a man attractive. Like  an attractive woman, he cannot be overweight. He should be at least 5 feet 10 inches tall and he should have a head of hair, or completely bald, having shaved  on purpose. A man can have wrinkles, for elderly men can be considered very attractive. Beards are usually out with younger men, though acceptable in elderly men. However, men once  past the age of perhaps 60 are not considered to be very attractive for their body sags and wrinkles can be numerous. These are the physical descriptions of what 

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