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    Art Gallery Program Development

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    In fourteen pages a program for an art gallery that will make it more accessible to businesses while increasing its value is presented with a justification of recommendations also provided. Seven sources are listed in the bibliography.

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    community it is going to serve in either a profit or a non profit making sense. The provision of arts in the UK is often criticised as being elitist, with  access being limited to those of the upper classes, or limited in scope and scale with no real relevance. Therefore, for an arts programme to be relevant to a broad  audience these are issues that will need to be considered. In this paper there will be the use of a smaller Gallery, that is located in an area where both  tourism and local needs will need to be meet. The Victoria Art Gallery in Bath is an art gallery that in line  with the requirements for charitable status has a zero entrance fee. The Gallery is situated within the town centre and sees a total of 76,000 visitors a year (Victoria Art  Gallery, 2003). The building itself is part of the beautiful architecture of the town, designed in 1897 by John McKean Brydon and was named after Queen Victoria to celebrate 60  years of rule (Victoria Art Gallery, 2003). The Gallery first opened its doors to the public in 1900 (Victoria Art Gallery, 2003).  The Gallery houses a range of oil painting dating from the fifteenth century, features many artists that had been active in the locality such as J M W Turner, Thomas  Gainsborough and Walter Sickert (Victoria Art Gallery, 2003). In addition to the paintings there are also additional exhibits of artefacts including decorative  wine glasses and a collection of 150 china dogs (Victoria Art Gallery, 2003). The Galley already has a programme of events including both historical and contemporary art and the 

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