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    Art Therapy And ADHD - Research Proposal

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    This 15 page paper has several sections or chapters: introduction, research questions, description of three theories (Piaget, Erikson, and Rogers), ADHD, art therapy, using art therapy with ADHD children, methodology, application of method, results, discussion and conclusions. Bibliography lists 14 sources.

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    children are being medicated with drugs. This is an issue of great concern. The literature argues the best approach to treating these children is a combination approach that includes medication  plus one or more therapeutic methods. Art therapy has been found to be very beneficial to many different kinds of patients and clients, including children with cancer. This approach  provides a safe place and an activity most children like to do and in so doing, the child is able to express what they are feeling through their art. The  question is whether art therapy could be used effectively with ADHD children and if it could eventually be substituted for the medication. Research Questions 1. Does art  therapy mimic the effect of stimulant medication within the context of an art setting? 2. If children benefit through the art therapy process, what are the implications for school and  other social settings? 3. Is a child on stimulant medication more available to deal with the issues that are disrupting his/her life? In other words, can they engage in therapy  at a deeper level than a non-medicated child? Key Question: If Art Therapy mimics the effect of stimulant medication, then how can we generalize that into the childs broader  environments? Bias Question that will be generated: If an ADHD child can focus for 1 hour of art therapy, does that provide sufficient brain stimulation so that it appears  to have the same paradoxical effect as stimulant medication. Chapter 1 Literature Review Theories that Support Research When working with children, developmental theories are important to incorporate. In terms  of the childs ability to learn specific things, we would call upon Piagets Stages of Cognitive Development. And, since ADHD has such a profound effect on the childs ability to 

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