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    Assessing the Optimum Level of Product Placement within a Film

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    This 22 page paper presents a research methodology and some simulates results to assess the optimum level of product placement exposure in a film. The research is written for the benefit of a film maker and consists of an introduction, definition of the variables, statement of hypothesis, in depth methodology and simulated findings. The last 4 pages of the paper are a PowerPoint presentation of the paper. The bibliography cites 12 sources.

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    for Research 14 8. Research 15 8.1 Secondary Research 15 8.2 Primary Research 16 9. PowerPoint Presentation 19 References 24 1. Introduction Business decision will be made based on a wide  range of data. The use of statistical analysis can add value to the decision making process. In this case a film studio want to use placement advertising to raise funds  to help with the production of their latest blockbuster movie. By using placements within a film the costs of the production are spread across more stakeholders and the cost of  going to the movie theatre is kept lower for the potential audience, which in turn increases the audience size. The advertisers need to know that they will benefit from the  placement before they will sign a placement contract. To be effective the film company need to ensure that the film is not compromised and the audience alienated by the placement,  but that the placement is sufficient to a sufficiently positive response from the viewers. To enable the film company to ascertain the levels of placement that they can offer  which will satisfy the needs of the different stakeholders they need to conduct research to determine the impact that repeated placements will have on the how memorable the product is  to the audience. The research will also have to assess the optimum level for the audience before there is a decline in the benefits or even a deterioration in the  view of the product. This paper will outline the way that this research can be conducted and present results of simulated research. 2. Defining the Variables  In order to undertake the research the film company needs to define the variables and assess what type of variable they are. This is 

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