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    Asset Backed Securities and their Potential in Taiwan

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    This 47 page papers examines the subject of securitization. The paper begins with a definition of asset backed securities (ABS) the market size and driving forces for ABS, the risks and opportunities for both companies and investors, their structure, the different classifications of ABS and how they may be valued. The United Sates and Japanese markets are then considered as developed ABS markets, with size, breakdown and systems outlined. The development in Taiwan as a very recent entrant into the securitization market is then discussed. The outlining of the development of the system leads to a SWOT analysis of the situation in Taiwan which is compared to other systems. This then gives the reader an indication of the way Taiwan should proceed if wishing to develop a thriving asset backed security market and the benefits that securitization could bring if the potential is realized. The bibliography cites 21 sources.

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    form of investment and use it as a financial tool that increases liquidity and aid the companies and the investors as well as having a multiplier effect on the investment  patterns. For many developed countries there is the ability to take on models already developed and learn from near neighbours, For less developed countries such as Taiwan the lessons are  harder to learn as there are fewer neighbours already in that market. 1.1 Motivation By studying the subject of asset backed securities, what they are how they work and  the way other countries have left them lesson can be learnt not only on how Taiwan should introduce these, but also on he benefits that Taiwan may reap by developing  a securitization market. 1.2 Methodology The main methodology, due to time and cost constraints, will be to make use of secondary data looking at generic information and different models  that have been used. By identifying the different aspects of asset based securities a firm foundation may be developed upon which paradigms that can be applied to Taiwan and the  Republic of China government policies can be examines. The methodology is based on a literature review and application of the literature review, studying the models and then comparing the way  that Taiwan is developing should then give two valuable results. Firstly an indication of the way in which Taiwan should proceed form their current position if they which this market  to develop and secondly the benefits that it will bring to both companies and investors as well as the economy in general. 2. Literature Review  The use of asset back securities has been increasing over recent years; the reasons for the increase are manifold. Asset backed securities are bonds which are issued that represent pools 

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