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    A 3 page research paper that summarizes the contents of the AAE's website, focusing on member benefits. No additional sources cited

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    ensure that teachers receive the "respect, recognition and reward they deserve" (AAE, 2007). The AAE began over a decade ago by a group of nationally recognized teachers, who envisioned a  professional association that would focus on promoting educator professionalism and would focus on children as its top priority. As this indicates, the AAE is not a union. It is Americas  "fastest growing national, non-profit, non-union teachers association," with members in every state (AAE, 2007). Today, in 27 states and the District of Columbia, teachers are required by law to join  a teachers union and pay union dues as a condition of their employment (AAE, 2007). The AAE is a voluntary association that focuses on the needs of teachers and students.  On the AAE site, there are endorsements from notable teachers, such as Sandra Lastra, the 1995 Outstanding New Mexico Teacher of the Year, who indicates that her membership in  AAE offers innumerable benefits, while also saving her over $400 a year in union dues (AAE, 2007). The benefits of AAE membership include 2 million in liability insurance which  includes access to legal assistance that begins with the onset of any problem (AAE, 2007). Having liability insurance is important because, as with any professionals who are involved with the  public and children, it is possible be accused malfeasance. AAE liability insurance protects members against the following list of possible allegations: ? Injuries to students under your supervision ?  Failure to educate ? Violation of students civil rights ? Hiring unqualified persons ? Failure to promote students or grant credit ? Improper methods of instruction ? Accusations of sexual  or physical abuse (AAE, 2007). Benefits also include a subscription to the AAE newsletter "Education Matters"; the opportunity to purchase operational supplementary insurance plans (life, auto, etc.); and 

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