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    Athletic Performance and Ritualistic Behavior

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    In eight pages whether or not athletic performance is enhanced by ritualistic practices is assessed. Seven sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    Ritualistic behavior in the sports field is often perceived as an antiquated practice which relies on unscientifically documented assertions. This perception  is understandable given that in the past most pre-game ritual consisted largely of activities based on superstition. On closer analysis it becomes apparent that pre-game ritual is used for  a variety of reasons: 1. to focus attention,  2. to organize stimuli (both internal and external), 3. to isolate the athlete from others,  4. to serve as a cohesive point for team unity, 5. and for  luck (Keating, 1995). Ritualistic behavior in sports has extended well past wearing a lucky piece  of clothing and attending pep rallies. In the modern world of sports psychology ritualistic behavior is gaining growing acceptance in regard to its positive impact on professional athlete performance.  A growing component of ritualistic behavior is behavior which is designed to provide the athlete an mental edge in meeting their competition and maximizing their athletic performance.  Ritualistic behavior has been employed practically since the beginning of history in an effort to enhance athletic performance. Just recently, however, it  was heralded as the performance revolution of the 1990s (White, 1996). This was not always the case, however. The world of sports, particularly in the United States, is 

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