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    Australian / Chinese case study: population pressure

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    A paper which considers a hypothetical situation in which excess population in China is resettled as a homogenous migrant group in Australia, with reference to the environmental and cultural issues which this might raise. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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    take into account when addressing this apparently common-sense solution to Chinas problems of population pressure. On the face of it, it seems an obvious and pragmatic option, assuming that Australias  own population is such that the increase can be readily absorbed: this is not made clear in the case study. For example, it could  be argued that current trends towards globalisation are very much in favour of the migration of populations and the transcending of national and cultural barriers, and in one sense this  is true. However, one also has to take into account the different ways in which globalisation itself can be approached. Charlesworth (1998) for example  makes the point that one can distinguish between globalisation from above and globalisation from below. In the case of the former, there is an increase in the influence of multinationals  and financial institutions dominated by Western interests, such as the World Bank; the latter, on the other hand, involves the development of a global community which prioritises human rights, the  protection of the environment, and other issues which can be seen as common to all on an international level. We can see that if we take the latter definition, there  is much to be said in favour of countries working cooperatively to solve population issues: if we take the former, however, it is evident that MNCs and international financial institutions  might well have a rather less favourable perspective on the matter. One could assert for instance that any increase in globalisation would undermine Australian sovereignty in the sense that  it hands over power to foreign institutions: a clear reference to globalisation as defined through globalisation from above and one which looks unfavourably upon the power wielded by such institutions. 

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