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    Aviation Maintenance Diversity and Communication Challenges

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    In eight pages aviation maintenance is examined in terms of women's increased role and the communication challenges that have resulted. Twelve sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    was something that drew the attention of males. Of course, as things changed, and with the advent of feminism, new ground has been broken. In fact, since the Wright Brothers  took flight in 1903, women have contributed to aviation a great deal ("Women," 2003). Aviation, and also the field of aviation maintenance, has welcomed women. Of course, a student  writing on this subject will want to note that there are still communication gaps. Things have improved, but the way in which men and women communicate in general does differ.  Hence, women may meet stumbling blocks when pursuing a career in the field. First, it pays to note that there is a gender gap in the United States.  Among full-time workers in the U.S., the 1980 census showed a significant gender gap in terms of pay; the report revealed that womens earnings were 61% of mens (England et  al., 1994). In 1980, the United Nations revealed that women, who comprise half the worlds population, do two thirds of the worlds work but earn only one tenth of  the worlds income and own just one hundredth of the worlds property ("Gender," 1999). While the concepts of gender and sexuality seem to be enmeshed, an interesting point of view  holds the notion that sex is biological and gender is cultural; others believe that both sex and gender are culturally created (Wolfe, 1994). The blank-slate theory states "that individuals are  psychosexually neutral at birth" ("John Leo," 1997, p. 17). Theorists who suggest that sex differences have a biological basis are now seen as academic pariahs (Segell, 1996). Hence, women should  be treated equally at work. Still, a student writing on this subject should note that there are boundaries and communication barriers. II. Women in Aviation Maintenance Goyer (2001) 

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