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    Azerbaijan National Security Brief

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    U.S. and Azerbiajan national security strategy 2004. Discussed in this 12 page paper are national purpose, ideology, national interest, national power, threats, domestic, commitments, miligary strategy, international and foreign policy, and U.S. military involvement. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

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    an alliance called the Mission of Baku, established March 17, 1994, and Richard Armitage (2004) has traveled to Azerbaijan to iterate the United States support of a peaceful, stable and  democratic Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan has strongly allied itself to the west in the past decade by establishing a democratic elections process, checks and balances system of government and a free market  economy. Since 1992, Azerbaijan has been working to establish partnerships with international Euro-Atlantic institutions in France, Russia, Italy and the United States.  Under the National Security Strategy of the United States of America (September 2002), the Bush Administration II considers the major adversary to Azerbaijan as Russia, China, any rising power, or  any nation in Asia seeking to control the region. (Klare, 2003, 51). Minor adversaries include oil-rich countries of the Middle East, but also internal politics and problems within Azerbaijan such  as its conflict with Armenia for a small territory called Nagorno-Karabakh. This is an ethnic conflict over Azerbaijani living in Armenia. Minor  adversaries also exist in two general areas, (1) maintaining agreements and international ties with the South Caucasus of the Caspian States (Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Russia and Turkmenistan); and (2) building  a national infrastructure, including law enforcement and anti-terrorism military, aided by the U.S. Resolving these issues will aid both Azerbaijan and the  United States in their national security policies for stabilizing the region as part of the U.S. National Security policy. IDEOLOGY  According to the CIA Factbook (2004), Armitage and others, the ideologies of the Azerbaijan nation are to become a globalized economic force, as well as 

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