• Barriers to Implementing Good Environmental Practice

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    This 9 page paper is a PowerPoint presentation of 10 slides and speaker notes, presenting a research project to investigate why consumers follow poor environmental practices by not switching off electrical equipment when they have finished with it. The slides give an introduction, define the problem and the rationale for the study, the methodology and some of the expected results. The presentation ends by considering future research. The bibliography cites 3 sources.

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    Sample Text:
    the use of nuclear power the UK could be facing an energy crisis by the year 2012 if energy consumption carries on at its current rate. However, the problem with  energy use is not only the pace wart which it is being used and the need to replace it, but the damage it is doing to the environment. The ancient  Greek philosopher, Zeno of Elea, when contemplating the meaning of life stated "The goal of life is living in agreement with nature" (quoted in Collinson, 2000). It is a lesson  that many people do not believe in or do not think is important, if they did then many of the problems associated with poor environmental behaviour, including wasting energy, would  not be taking place today. Slide 3 The poor environmental practices of energy consumption are creating several problems that will be felt by future generations. The majority of  energy used comes for exhaustible sources including oil and coal. They are being consumed at an increasing pace on a global basis, and currently developed alternatives are either insufficient,  as they cannot supply all energy requirements, such as wind power and hydro electricity or they are not acceptable as they are perceived as potentially dangerous, such as nuclear power.  As the energy resources fall process will increase. In addition to these problems the consumption of energy has a high impact on the environment, releasing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere  adding to problems such as global warming and acid rain. Despite this consumers carry on with poor environmental behavioural patterns. Slide 4  Despite these problems poor environmental practices can be seen every day. Energy is being wasted, wasting money and harming the environment as well as potentially bring forward 

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