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    Battered Women: A Research Proposal

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    This 12 page paper is a research Proposal for program evaluation developed to address the needs of women who have been the victims of domestic abuse. This paper relates a proposal in APA format. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

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    primarily as a result of their inability to maintain economic stability, defined in part by fiscal self-sufficiency. This research study assesses the problem of domestic violence and the level  at which this problem impacts at-risk populations. This study relates the issue of abuse through the perspectives of women participating in programming in homeless shelters and identifies the importance  of economic empowerment programming as a means of ensuring that women do not return to abusive situations because they cannot be fiscally self-sufficient. This study will assess the impacts  of a program designed to empower women towards self-sufficiency, including elements related to education, skill development, and occupational support (e.g. childcare, transportation to work) that can enhance womens ability to  improve their financial wellbeing. This study will consider the impacts of these programs on 50 women in shelter settings who complete Samaritan Houses Family Empowerment Program, to determine if  their knowledge differs significantly after participation than before. Through the use of self-report measure, the researcher will also assessment the propensity of these women to return to homes where  domestic violence has occurred. The outcomes of the study will be used to support the funding of programs like Samaritan Houses Family Empowerment Program. Section I: Introduction  Programs designed to improve the lives of women who have been victimized through domestic violence have had varied outcomes. In some cases, these programs have showed considerable reductions in  a womans likelihood of returning to a home where domestic violence has occurred, while in other cases, the outcomes of these studies have been less than conclusive (Sanders, Weaver &  Schnabel, 2007). This study will consider the problem of domestic violence, the introduction of programming in homeless shelters and the impacts of these programs. Problem Statement According to reports 

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