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    Biography of Legendary NFL Coach Vince Lombardi

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    Vince Lombardi's life and his coaching approaches are examined in a paper consisting of ten pages. Five sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    I meant having a goal" (Clark 7E). That "thing," of course, was the now-famous statement, "Winning isnt everything. Its the only thing."  His Life Vincent Thomas Lombardi (1913-70) is one of those American heroes that emerge because of the greatness they bring to ordinary  life. In light of todays game, its almost laughable to think that Fordham Universitys famed "Seven Blocks of Granite" line could have contained someone only 58" and 175 pounds  (Anonymous 52), but that was in the mid-1930s and at the height of the Great Depression. There were few jobs available when Vince  graduated from Fordham in 1937, but he took a high school coaching job in 1939 and won great acclaim. One of the lesser-known facts of Vince Lombardis life was  his dedication to knowledge and education. His brother reports that Vince was a voracious reader as they were growing up and first planned to enter seminary, but later dropped  that plan and gravitated more toward business (Anonymous 52). Joe Lombardi said after Vinces death that had he not taken that high school coaching job, he likely would have  been both a CPA and an attorney. He did take that coaching job, however. He not only coached football there, but also  basketball. His teaching duties extended to academics as well. In addition to coaching both football and basketball, he taught physics, chemistry and Latin (Anonymous 52).  That high school job lasted until 1946, when he returned to Fordham as a football coach. He later went to West Point, and then entered 

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