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    A 5 page paper which offers up a book report on Goeffrey Perret’s Lincoln’s War. The book looks at Lincoln’s use of power as President, and the numerous problems he faced, concerning the Civil War. No additional sources cited.

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    many a historian and common individual. For example, while some simply believe that Lincoln was a man who fought primarily against slavery, others will argue vehemently that slavery had little  or nothing to do with Lincolns involvement in the war. There are also those who see him as a great and brave man who overstepped boundaries to keep the Union  together while others argue that he violated the Presidential powers as outlined in the Constitution on many occasions. With all of this in mind the following paper provides a book  report on Geoffrey Perrets Lincolns War. Book Report of Lincolns War by Perret As can be easily understood, there is a great deal of information and possibilities in  terms of perspectives as it involves the Civil War and Lincolns involvement. In the preface of the work he notes that "To do whatever he believed necessary, Lincoln invoked the  war power of the presidency, even though there is no reference to any such power in the Constitution. The war power was Lincolns creation, and what follows is the story  of how he shaped it and used it-sometimes brilliantly, sometimes badly-through four years of war" (Perret, 2004; xv). As can be seen, this is the focus of his work as  he unravels the various people involved that served under, and aside from, Lincoln. While one could argue that his work, and sources, are valid or not the purpose of this  paper is to simply provide an overview of the work and not an analysis. In this particular work the author begins with the beginning, in terms of Lincolns involvement:  "So this was how it would be. At one oclock in the morning on March 5, 1861, fresh from the inaugural ball, Lincoln stepped into his new office for the 

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